ZonePure Water Purification Systems

With literally hundreds of installations in the world’s premier hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and residences, Harmonic Environments waterfalls have proven to maintain the industry’s highest level of water purification and cleanliness standards.

Included With Every Water Feature

Clean, safe water is absolutely essential. This is why Harmonic Environments includes its exclusive ZonePure® System in every water feature. Originally developed to meet the critical safety needs of healthcare facilities, the ZonePure system is guaranteed to provide and maintain safe, pure, and clean water in every water feature.

ZonePure® Systems are designed to:

Purify incoming water
Continuously sanitize the system
Reduce overall maintenance

Designed for Healthcare

Once we fully understand the scope of the project, we will provide an initial work estimate to help you plan. When you’re ready, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed proposal that fits your needs.

Plans & Drawings

Harmonic Environments® water features have been successfully operating in hospitals, cancer centers, and other healthcare facilities for 25 years with a 100% perfect safety record.

Because every installation is unique, each ZonePure System is custom engineered for optimal performance, meeting and generally exceeding the requirements of the healthcare facility in which it is installed. ZonePure can be even further enhanced to include any number or type of redundant components to ensure fail-safe infection control.

Technology & Care

The ZonePure System for your water feature will utilize a variety of proven technologies and methods to guarantee its complete safety. While the system will be designed to be as automated as possible, all water features do require some maintenance. The ZonePure System is designed specifically to simplify and minimize maintenance of your water feature.
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