Harmonic Illumination Systems

From simply amazing to awe inspiring
The beauty of a Harmonic Environments waterfall enhances the look and feel of any space.

Introducing light and color.

Pick a color. Any Color.

Each illumination system is fully programmable, allowing you the flexibility to change the look & feel of the water feature and its environment. Using the optional Apple iPad® controller or wall-mounted controller, you can easily create any ambiance, mood or effect with the touch of a button. Bathe your surroundings with a soft glow, a brilliant sunset, or a breath-taking light show.

Designed to Perfection

Because every water feature is unique, the Harmonic Illumination System™ is tailor-made for each application. Every component is planned and positioned to accentuate the signature Harmonic Environments® water pattern, adding incredible depth and dimension to the water feature. In addition to lighting the feature itself, complementary environmental lighting can convey the perfect atmosphere throughout any space.

Spectacular & Energy Efficient

It’s hard to believe when you experience the vibrant colors, but it’s true! Working closely with the leaders in commercial architectural lighting, Harmonic Environments delivers the brightest, most energy efficient, and long-lasting LED lighting available.
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