The Process

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We have delivered and installed hundreds of beautiful water features in every region of the globe. Along the way, we’ve perfected the art of providing our clients with an exquisite product, the highest level of customer care, and an effortless, straightforward process for ensuring that each project is completed to satisfaction.

While every project is unique and different, this is our typical process:

1. Get Started

Simply contact us to get started on your project. We begin by learning the details of your vision. And we provide style and design options that fit your specifications.

2. Estimate & Proposal

Once we fully understand the scope of the project, we will provide an initial work estimate to help you plan. When you’re ready, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed proposal that fits your needs.

3. Plans & Drawings

Once the proposal is approved, we immediately begin working on the shop drawings and finalize the plan with the client, design team, and general contractors to ensure a successful project.

4. Fabrication, Testing, & Shipping

Water features are built to exact specifications and closely examined for quality throughout the process. Once completed, the feature is extensively tested and carefully prepared for shipping.

5. Arrival, Installation, & Wow!

When the finished piece arrives, our team will be on-site to lead the installation and provide the client with detailed maintenance and operation instructions. Our consultants will perform final checks and test to ensure the water feature meets every expectation.

Let’s get started now!

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